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Wear & Care

We make products that are made to tell a story - your story.
We exclusively use full grain leather, a natural material that is from the strongest part of a cowhide.
As you use it, you can expect the leather on your item to patina beautifully and become more supple/softer over time.

If the leather gets dirty, simply wipe it clean with a slightly damp cloth and allow it to air dry. If the leather gets soaked, you should remove it from use and allow it to air dry.
If the leather needs more cleaning, we recommend using a leather cleaner such as  Chamberlain’s Leather Milk #2.

If you’d like to accelerate the break-in process, you can use a leather conditioner - we recommend testing a small area first before fully applying to leather.
We recommend using Chamberlain’s Leather Milk #1.

Now go ahead and tell your story…