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Our Process


All of our leather goods start from the full hide and begin getting cut into various shapes.
Our goods are typically cut by laser and by a heavy duty clicker press.
These methods of cutting allow us to precisely cut with minimal waste and offer consistent quality.

Laser Cutting
Weaver Leather Clicker Press


We hand stitch the large majority of our leather goods using a saddle-stitch method which provides a strong and long lasting product.
We also use the best quality polyester thread that we've found, which is much stronger and weather resistant than nylon thread.
Saddle stitching is a skill that takes time and patience to master as it's much slower and easier to make a mistake with but leaves a great result that can be repaired over and over if needed.

Saddle Stitching

Occasionally, we sew our larger items with a heavy duty sewing machine.
This usually happens on items that just wouldn't be efficient to hand stitch such belts, long straps, and bags.

We use an industrial sewing machine that allows us to use the same strong polyester thread that we use when hand stitching.

Cobra Class 4 Stitching