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About Us

Zac & Jacki Brown


We are Zac and Jacki Brown - we started Arrow & Board around 6 years ago as little hobby from our kitchen table and have since grown it to be much bigger than we ever expected. We have spent countless days and late nights brainstorming, stitching & cutting leather, fulfilling orders, creating new designs, and all of the other things that come with being small business owners. We believe that our company has grown because we are always willing to learn more, to listen to our customers, and to find ways to improve what we do and why we do it.

We believe that every company should have a why, here is ours:

Our Why
We’re here to help you simplify your everyday carry. 
Our goods are designed to be versatile by having a classic look that goes well with anything.
Our intention is that our goods will become your favorite for years to come.

What We Do
We build and field test everything we make and we are obsessed about using the best materials in our products.
Our designs are clean, simple, and made for items you already carry with you.
When we make our goods with the best materials and with great design, we think the products will speak for itself.

What We Make
We create products that instantly look like a classic and are versatile because of their simple designs. 
We pair new technology with old world craftsmanship and materials.
Our specialty is making items for the latest technology, everyday carry, and for the home. 

Ways We Give Back

Our goal in giving is simple - we want to minimize our environmental impact as well as help others who need it most.

To minimize our impact, we partnered with to become carbon-neutral since 2020 through present.
We set a goal of becoming carbon-negative by 2021 and have since met that goal.

To help others, we partnered with a few groups to give back to.
Africa New Life to provide food and education for children in need.
We currently sponsor five children and have been of part of helping two graduate high school.
We have a goal of being able to support eight children by the end of 2022.